Walking sticks made to order

From the virtual store, Finna Walking Sticks allows the customers to buy some walking sticks made to order according to their height. The customer only has to, before adding the product to the shopping basket, specify the length of the walking stick in relation with the standard measure: longer or shorter (maximum 105 cm, counting from the walking stick handle to the walking stick's rubber tip).

This service can have an added value that will be pointed out in the moment of ending the order. It can also have a slightly delay in the delivery time regarding to the usual one that will also be explained in the moment of ending the order.

Which is the correct size for a walking stick?

The best height will be the one that allow you to walk with your arm half bended, as you can see in the drawing. The knob should be at the same height of your hip bone.

For your guidance:

For a person with a size of (cm): 160 - 165 - 170 - 175 - 180 - 185 - 190

The length of the cane is of (cm): 83 - 86 - 89 - 92 - 94 - 96 - 99


Taking in account that the standard length of a walking stick is of 92-93 cm, you can check with the previous table to verify the length of the product you are going to order. Please remember that this request can be made directly through the virtual store from the card of the walking sticks that allow this option.

Parts of a walking stick

The walking stick structure has four parts:


It is the part where the hand holds the stick. It can be made of different materials: wood, acrylic, metal…
The usual forms are: Curved (A), Hook (B), T form (C) and S form (D).

2. Ferrule.

It is usually made of metal, it has a decorative purpose but its principal function is to join the knob with the stick.

3. Stick.

It is the central part of the walking stick. Usually it goes joined to the knob with an iron pin. It is made of wood, bamboo or aluminium.

4. Pointer.

This is the part where the stick touches the ground. Almost all the walking sticks have the pointer made of rubber but it can also be made of metal or horn.

Usage advice

We recommend the customers that for a better usage of our products, to take the walking stick by the central part of the knob so the pressure will be made in the most possible vertical position. Never made the pressure on one end of the knob, doing in the correct way you will avoid the lever effect that could damage the resistance of the knob or the joining of the two parts: knob and stick.

Please try to avoid a bad use of the walking stick, it isn’t a weapon, it cannot be used to hit anything or anyone.

The continuous falling of the walking stick can erode the firmness of the knob and/or of the wood stick. These fallings can be avoided by the use of some straps that are held to the stick and to the wrist.

Please change the rubber pointer when you detect that they are worn so the walking stick will maintain the maximum adherence.

There are walking sticks that are for decorative purposes and are not recommended for daily use. Please get sure of the use for which you want the walking stick before buying it.