Finna Walking Sticks is the virtual store of the handcrafted and high quality products of Finna SL, that is a family business specialised in the manufacture and marketing of walking sticks of different types: collection, walking, trekking or as decorative items. Finna Walking Sticks also offers a large range of accessories as display stands, shoehorns, umbrellas or stands for umbrellas.

This virtual store begins as a response for the local and worldwide increasing demand of walking sticks. In this way customers from the entire world can buy walking sticks and accessories using internet and making an easy, reliable and very agile purchase.

The enterprise, which origins go to the end of the 60s, was born inside a company dedicated to the wood running of the chestnut trees, where walking sticks and chestnuts sticks were manufactured. Later on new manufacturing processes and other woods and materials were incorporated. In 1989 FINNA, S.L. was established as a company destined only to the manufacture and marketing of walking sticks. From this moment on an expansion period began with the aim of promoting the full range and varied types of walking sticks at both a national and international level.

Nowadays FINNA is well known by the quality of its walking sticks; they are handcrafted and made with special care. This quality gives them a different touch that qualifies and distinguishes all our products. Now the company is ready to begin a new stage of development incorporating the virtual store Finna Walking Sticks that allows all the people to buy online walking sticks and accessories, with the maximum guarantee of a quality product and an outstanding service.