1. Prices, descriptions and availability of our products can be changed without prior notice.

2. To make a purchase the user should be registered.

3. The Prices shown at the virtual store do not include VAT taxes.

4. The Prices shown at the virtual store do not include transport expenses, which will be applied, if necessary, in the moment of making the final order. The prices of the transport can change depending on the delivery zone and will be stated in the online order.

5. In the moment of making the delivery, together with the products we will enclose the invoice.

6. The prices are stated in US$ and €. The prices will be daily revised regarding the value of the currency.

7. The prices of the promotions will only be valid until the end of the promotion or until the end of the stock.

8. The walking sticks made under order of the customer (products without standard lengths) may have a different delivery times.

9. For the final delivery of the goods it is essential to finish the purchase order

10. Finna Walking Sticks will issue a discount voucher of 5 € to each newly registered user to be applied to the first purchase within 3 months from the registration date and for orders of a minimum value of 50 (VATnot included).

11. Finna Walking Sticks gives to its customers a 10% discount through a sponsorship program. In particular, the company will offer this discount to registered users that invite other users to sign up through the “References Program” of their personal account and on condition that these new users makeat least one purchase at Finna Walking Sticks. A 10% discount will be applied to the sponsored user in his/her first purchase at Finna Walking Sticks, after specifying thee-mail address of the sponsoring user. Once the purchase has been accepted and the payment has been made, the sponsoring user will also receive a10% discount voucher to be applied to his/her next purchase