Transport and delivery time

  1. The deliveries will be made by the contracted service of MRW to Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla and to the peninsular parts of Spain and Portugal. The rest of the deliveries will be made by FedEx. It is necessary to check prices and conditions when the order is made.

  2. The purchases of more than 100 € + VAT will be free of delivery expenses, only in the peninsular zone.

  3. The delivery time of the products is of 1 or 2 days for the peninsular territory and of 3 or 4 days for Balearic Islands. To the rest of the zones the delivery time will be between 2 or 15 days depending on the transport service chosen and of the final date of the purchase order.

  4. Regarding the deliveries made by MRW the customers can choose if they want to receive the parcel at some address or at a MRW Office.

  5. The delivery time may vary depending on the availability of the products.

  6. If Finna Walking Sticks cannot deliver the goods within the established time the customer can agree another delivery time together with Finna or cancel the order.

  7. In case of cancellation of an order due to delay in the delivery within the established period the delivery fee will be in charge of the customer.

  8. The cancellation of orders can only be made by agreement with Finna, if it is not done by joint agreement the customer should return the goods to Finna always advising of the return.

  9. The damage produced during the delivery are responsibility of the transport company and, because of that reason, the customer has the right of not accepting the goods that arrive in bad conditions or if the packaging is opened or broken.

  10. In the case of the goods damaged during the delivery the customer should send Finna an evidence of the damage (a photo for example) within the following 24 hours of the delivery so another product can be sent.

  11. Finna Walking Sticks will be responsible of the replace of any product lost by the delivery company without any additional expense to the customer.

  12. The customer can check the delivery status of the order using the website.



Finna Walking Sticks offers a return policy of 14 calendar days from the date on which the decision of the returning is communicated to Finna. If the customer is not satisfied with the order it can be returned during this 14 days so the payment will be reimbursed.

For the returning of any product it is essential to previously contact Finna through the email address: and accomplish the following instructions:

  1. The products should be purchased through our virtual store .

  2. The goods should be returned in perfect conditions and with the original packaging.

  3. They should be sent to Finna within the 14 calendar days after the communication to Finna of the decision of returning the goods.

  4. All the original materials (goods, box and documents) should be included in the return delivery.

  5. The goods should be accompanied by the purchase order receipt and the original invoice.

Finna will resolve if the product or products are capable of returning. Once we have received the goods we will inspect them and decide if the returning is correct.

If the returning is approved the customer will receive the purchase price. Please take in consideration that return deliveries expenses on receiver’s behalf will not be accepted.

If Finna decides that the returning is not correct we will get in contact with the customer to make the necessary arrangements to return the goods to the customer.

In any of the two situations the delivery fees associated with the returning of the goods will be in charge of the customer. In the same way in case the customer has used an express delivery, making the delivery more expensive, the difference between the express delivery and the regular one will be in charge of the customer.

Please take in consideration

  1. The expenses associated with the delivery of the goods, banking commissions, administrative, packaging and handling ones are at customer charge and will not be returnable.

  2. The returning delivery should be made by means of the delivery companies contracted MRW, Postal Service or FedEx depending on the delivery zone with the risk of loss or damage being in charge of the customer.